Not your basic kiddie meal.
little boy eating snacks

At Sakura Daycare, the little ones can enjoy quality home-cooked meals and snacks that are comparable to those from “farm-to-table Oakland restaurants.” Some of the recipes that we have already served over the years are:

  • Grilled artichoke and crimini mushroom pesto with organic chicken and goat cheese
  • Organic cabbage and watercress salad
  • Portobello mushroom tempura
  • Organic apricot and bell pepper salad with creme fraiche
  • And so much more

We make sure that the kids enjoy different healthy food every day. Even the miso soup, bread, and pasta are made from scratch, and all our meals are almost always organic.

We serve all three meals of the day and let your kids enjoy snacktimes in between. Here at Sakura Daycare, we make sure that all the little ones have a well-balanced diet. Also, we take into consideration the diet restrictions of the kids, if any.

If you’re interested in our mealtime preparation and want to know more about what we can serve to your little ones, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.